A maddening blend of sweet and spicy, Sasha’s one part femme, two parts fatale.

Slip it on and enjoy the ride. Slipping into this hot and heady harness is effortlessly sensual, without any chafing buckles, dangling straps, awkward gaps, or pinched flesh to get in the way of a good time.

Be naughty—but look nice. Sasha’s game for whatever mischief you have in mind: built-­‐in internal support and a sturdy elastic belt give you complete security and control—not to mention a smooth, flattering fit.

Satisfy your every whim. Love variety? So does SashaTM. So we made it simple to switch a variety of toys in and out during play. Single dildos? Double dildos? The answer’s always yes, please: our durable O-­‐ring won’t back down from a good time—or lose its shape.

Turn up the pleasure. Two internal mini-­‐vibe pockets (vibes not included) are stitched above and below the O-­‐ring—just beyond direct bodily contact—to hit all the hot spots for both partners.

Get wet. Really wet. Sasha’s quick-­‐dry nylon spandex is 100% water-­‐friendly and perfect for a splash in the shower or post-­‐play spin through the wash. Getting wet in other ways? Sasha’s moisture-­‐wicking fabric keeps you cool when things get hot. We know. You’re welcome.

Be a little spontaneous. Sasha’s breathable, barely-­‐there fabric is luxuriously soft and ideal for all-­‐ day wear. That means she’s not shy about spur-­‐of-­‐the-­‐moment pleasure—and you shouldn’t be, either.